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Roleplay Title: Where are you, Fonzie?

NXW Roleplay #: 01
Record: Won: 00 Lost: 00 Drawn: 00
Achievements: None Yet

The scene opens up inside of some restaurant. The people we see are sitting at tables in chairs, eating or drinking what they've obviously purchased. The camera's pan around until we see a person at the counter, sitting on a stool with a soda in his hand. We zoom in some to notice that person being none other than Rob Van Dam. He doesn't look in the best of moods, and he appears to be speaking to himself. 

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " This is simply unreal man... I keep calling you, and you're not answering. You're not picking up, you're not answering my messages. Who buys an answering machine these days and doesn't even listen to them man? This is not cool...  "

After speaking we see Rob looking down at his cell phone. The waitress behind the counter walks over to Rob and speaks.

|2| Waitress |2| : " Are you okay there, mister? Could I get you anything else to drink, or eat? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " No, woman.. Who could eat at a time like this? I mean sure, those people over there can't seem to stop stuffing their mouths with food but their not having the same problem as I'm having... "

|2| Waitress |2| : " What happened? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Not a whole lot... It's just I signed the contract to a new promotion, NXW.. Dude, it's gonna be huge, too. Just wait and see and I bet you're going to be hearing about NXW everywhere you turn. But that's not the point. Things are going so fast, man. The roster filled up in no time. People signing contracts left and right. Then today I find out there has been an event announced and I have a match. That's all cool for me though... It's just this... Ever since signing the contract, I've been trying nonstop to get ahold of my best friend. My partner in crime. My very own manager of many, many years... And he just won't answer my calls. "

|2| Waitress |2| : " Maybe he's not interested in it anymore? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Oh but he is. After signing the contract I found out he was already in the federation just managing someone else. It was almost the feeling a man would get if his wife told him she was cheating on him with another man... I felt betrayed, and I feel even worse now that he won't even be a man about it and just talk to me. I feel sad.. I feel depressed.. But you see, as the seconds keep ticking dude... My feelings are changing slower by the moment. All I can feel now is.. Well, angry as hell! "

|2| Waitress |2| : " That sounds like a problem... But maybe you can take that anger out on him, or well, someone else in your way. "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " That's a real good idea lady... You know who's in my way? Brock Lesnar's in my way. He's in my way because he's my first opponent. He's in my way because I didn't want to face him at all, I wanted to confront Fonzie about why he isn't answering my calls, about why he's managing somebody else and why the heck he feels it's right to treat me like this. It's bullshit... But I guess I'll have to do things the R-V-D way and just be cool, calm and collected about everything that I do. I guess I just have to get Lesnar out of my way and make sure he's down and out, before I do what I've been wanting to do all day... "

|2| Waitress |2| : " Well, I need to get back to waiting on people, mister. Oh, I almost forgot, there's a pretty young lady on the other side of the restaurant that wanted me to give you a message. She said come over and have a drink with her because you two are old friends or something.. Anyway I hope you feel better. "

The waitress walks away and Rob ponders to himself.

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " A young lady? Well, maybe I have friends after all... "

Rob stands up and walks across the room.. He spots the person that was waiting for him and he smiles, walking to that table and up stands.... Stacy Keibler!

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Duuuude.. Stacy! I never would have thought you'd be the person that waitress was talking about.. What the hell is up? "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Hi Rob! Nothing is up, I came in here a few minutes ago and saw you were here, so I figured I'd send a message rather than bother you. "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Don't worry about bothering me, you could never do such a thing... But I'm glad you sent that message because it's been a long time since I've seen you. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " You're right. Too long, I'd say. Anyway, I see that you're in NXW and you're in a big submission match with Brock... Going to be a tough one to beat, right? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Oh please, Stacy... Brock Lesnar a hard opponent? The only thing hard about Brock is his head, because he thinks he's too good to even be in this business. You see, Stace, I take wrestling seriously. It's my life. People like Brock care about one thing only and that's his own career. Notice how in the WWE he started to get unpopular by the month.. Notice how fast he left after that. He just can't take the heat.. He's in for just the good times, and never stays for the bad. Now me on the other hand.. I was in ECW when it was nearly closing each and every night but I always stuck it out and I stuck with it even through the bad times. Now I'd like to see Lesnar do something that, and then maybe he could be a hard opponent... "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " That's true... But just because he likes being in the good moments of wrestling and not the bad doesn't make him a weak opponent.. Face it Rob, he's one strong man... "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Sure, I'll give him that.. The big goof might be strong, but dude... Not only am I strong, but I'm faster than Brock will ever be. He's no match for me... Brock is just an NFL reject in my eyes and nothing more than a quitter... Which makes my match easy considering it's a submission match. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Of course that makes it easier... But I have to ask, what's the deal with Fonzie? I thought you two were friends.. How come he's with Taz now? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " I have no clue. But whatever his problem is, I guess I have to wait until that night we're all at the arena. That night I defeat Brock Lesnar and make him submit... Then after I'm done taking care of business, I'll see what his problem is. But it still sucks... Now I have to do this all alone. I'm a lone rider... I won't even have a good manager to get me through the bad times. At least in ECW when the company was at a low point, I had Fonzie always motivating me to get better and better each night, and I did. He worked like a charm.. Like a drug that did only good things to you, and nothing bad. That dude is going to be missed by me, I'll tell you that.. and now, I'm stuck without a man calling me daddy. Those sure were the days... "

Rob sighs and Stacy blinks, a little confused at the last few lines but brushes it off, and speaks.

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Well, Rob, if you want a manager so bad then maybe you shouldn't look too far... The person could be right infront of you... "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " No, unfortunately there's nobody infront of me, Stacy. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " .... Okay, maybe the person is to your side ... "

Rob looks to his left and down at an old man eating his food but having some difficulties.

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " I'm not sure, Stace... The man is having trouble eating with his false teeth, how is he ever going to be able to blow a whistle properly? "

Stacy shakes her head and slaps Rob lightly.

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Rob! I'm talking about me! "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " .. You? But .. Haha, dude, you're a girl! "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Point being? What... Are you pitching for the other team now-a-days? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Duuude! That's so not cool! Of course I'm not on the other team, I'm so on this team.. I'm on the normal team, Stacy.. I'm on the bench where the guys don't like other guys team! Not that it's wrong, but it's totally not my thing, and you know it. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Then why not? I can certainly blow... A whistle, that is. "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " .. You can blow a whistle, but can you actually be overly excited as Fonzie was? If I'm gonna have a manager, that manager must be able to fill in all requests by me as well .. Oh, and let's not forget about calling me daddy... "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " ... You want me to call you daddy? "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Well, not exactly daddy.. He actually made it sound more like.. dad-day! You get it? "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Uhm.. Dadday? Rob, that's just... weird. "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " It is, isn't it? Well, then I guess I'll just have to find someone else... "

Rob turns around and goes to walk away, but Stacy runs infront of him.

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Wait! Fine! You got it... Dadday.... "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " .. What did I say before? I said, the manager must be overly excited at all times. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " Fine! You want excited? I'll show you excited.. But first answer me these questions.. "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Okay, shoot. "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " WHO'S GOING TO ZERO GRAVITY?! "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " That's easy.. Me, Rob Van Dam! "


|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Another easy one... ME .. Rob .. Van  .. Dam! "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " AND WHO'S GOING TO MAKE HIM SAY I QUIT?!?! "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Dude, these are just too easy... That answer is simple, it's me, Stace... It's going to be "

ROB ... VAN ... DAM!

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " That's right, dadday! You're so going to teach Lesnar a lesson he'll never forget.. And at Zero Gravity, the team of ROB VAN DAM and STACY KEIBLER will debut and be very successful! "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " That's right.. And it looks like I have a new manager.. Now like I said, you must fulfill every request of mine so I'm going to drop my keys, and once I do, bend over and pick them up! "

|2| Stacy Keibler |2| : " ... Rob, I'm your manager, not wife. Let's go, dadday! "

|2| Rob Van Dam |2| : " Damn... Okay, let's go... "

Rob Van Dam and Stacy exit the restaurant and the camera fades out.


Not Quite Five Star: Brock Lesnar?

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