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Roleplay One

[[ Static. ]]

[[ Fade in eGw Logo. ]]

[[ The camera turns on and we're in a dark room, with little light so we can barely see nothing at all. The sound, however, quite different. We hear foot steps which in much cases, could mean a lot. It means somebody is obviously in this dark room. It means we're not alone. Then, the light switches on and we can tell that the camera is pointing towards the floor.. How? We feet two very large boots come across and stop. The person in these boots is facing forward now, and it's especially intimidating at the moment since we're not even sure where we're at, or who this person is.  ]]

A Voice: Went in to sign my contract the other night. Had a lot of stares, a lot of double glances. People not even sure of if they saw what they really did see with their own two eyes. Me. In this way, in these clothes, with this attitude. But of course there are reasons for that. You see boy, there has to come a time for when a wrestler has to break out. And then there comes a time for when those break out superstars are getting locked in a cage like some lost puppy because of the backstage politics, because of high demand. Well, eGw promises me that there are no backstage politics. And the day for that high demand is over. I've lived through a phase of my life listening to the high demand of you fans and I've taken every order from you guys that I can take. I've done this for you people to make you proud, happy, to make you cheer and live life just a little bit better than your mediocre life. I've ignored my needs and wants to give you YOUR wants, and I think it's time - No, I know it's time for me to put my foot down and start living life the way I want to.

[[ That voice sounds awfully familiar. After those last words the camera begins to pan up just a little. We notice black jeans on the way up... Then up further... A black shirt with some kind of reddish logo in the middle, but we can't make it out yet because we're simply too close. The image is too big for us to make out. We then zoom out and we can see it's a pretty cool image of .. A devil's head? Could it be? The camera stops before it moves above the persons head, and he begins to speak again. ]]

A Voice: Now you see. High demand - the fans all wanted to see it. The fans got it. The fans saw me again as the person that I once was a long time ago. But what they saw was a fake. You saw me dressing up in my old clothes, you saw me coming out to the old tune but the man inside, was a different person. I was very much alive and only entertaining you fools. Time for being entertained is now over. You want entertained you take your ass to a circus, because I'm through with your high demands. What about mine? What about my respect, my glory, my titles, my wins, what about me? You people never even stopped to think about me once now did you? Now don't go getting yourself teary eyed, I'm not heart broken, I'm not even damn near surprised. It's what you people do and I've learned that over the decade plus I've been in this business. You people don't care about the needs of the wrestlers and you know what I call that? Lack of Respect. And let me be the first to tell 'ya, that when I'm disrespected.. Bad things happen.

[[ The camera pans up again and now we see it, we see him. Complete with banana, short hair and goatee. And of course who could forget that mean looking smirk? It's none other than The Undertaker! ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: As I was sayin'... When I am disrespected, bad things happen. Women cry, men get hurt, those fools who test me are destroyed. I had a mission years ago to right all the wrongs. Those who didn't respect The Undertaker, respected him after I shoved my boot straight clear up their ass. Those who spat in the face of the most sadistic man in this business went for their last ride and just before they shut their eyes for the final time that night, just before they were stretchered out... They looked up to me and they said "Taker....... Taker I respect you." .. And I damn well knew that I had a thing going. I realized that I didn't have to put on a black hat, black coat and come out in the dark. I realized I didn't need to hear cheers from the fans out in the crowd. I realized I could succeed in this business just as well if not better by just being the one thing that I always wanted to be...... Myself. Sick, Sadistic, and demanding things of his own. Demanding RESPECT. It worked before and now here in eGw it's going to work again, but unlike last time it won't end until everyone respects me. And respect is a funny word when it comes to my next opponent because the man simply has no respect for anything. Well, John Cena, that's going to change. And it's going to change real quick, son.

[[ The Undertaker looks to the side and he grins that sadistic grin again, and walks towards some sort of table. There's a sheet on the table but you can tell there's something under it.. Undertaker lifts the sheet off the table and .. Oh my God, it's a dead body! The camera pans away a little and we now see this room is filled with those kind of "tables", in fact, it's a damn morgue.  ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: Now before you guys get confused let me explain. Under the circumstances of being The Deadman, this is the place I'd most likely come to if I wanted to voice out my opinions on my opponent. But as I've said earlier The Deadman isn't here, The Deadman is gone. Big Evil has taken over and what you see is exactly what you get. But there's a reason The Deadman would come here. There's a reason for everything really. That's why there's a reason for Big Evil, the Red Devil, The sadistic man known as The Undertaker is here in a morgue. You think it's because of a dead body? Nah, it's not that. Though I will admit, the feeling I get when I'm surrounded by all these dead people... It's a good feeling. I'm not scared of being around dead people, I've been around them all my life. I'm not some sick necrophilia freak either, but the fact that I'm the only one standing in a room filled with dead guys shows just how I want things to be. With everyone flat on their back knowing their own role in life... And letting me stand tall as the only person alive. The only person that matters. I can pretty saftely say that... John Cena is going to get used to laying like this after having a fight with me at Smackdown.

[[ 'Taker covers the person up and moves over to the spot where they store dead bodies in the wall. Taker opens one up just like it's some sort of filing cabinet he can snoop in. He uncovers the body and it appears to be a young male with a bullet hole in his chest. ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: You see, Cena... Laying flat on your back, motionless, nothing left to say... Those are the common symptoms of either two things. A, you're dead. Or B, you've just battled it out with The Undertaker.... and lost. Unfortunately for you, whether it's A or B, it's going to happen to you sooner or later. Not because you're some... Rap superstar or whatever the fuck you are... But because you've crossed paths with the meanest dog on the block. And this dog isn't having a very good day, not today, not ever. So you best either get ready for the beating of your career, boy.. Or get ready to back away like the piece of scum you are. But you see, now I'm just rambling about the things that are just so obvious to any smart human being, or any sick son of a bitch like myself. I will end you, there's no doubt about that Cena... But the point is very simple, and I will make that clear.

[[ 'Taker walks away from the dead male and walks over to another table lifting the sheet off, looking down at the body with no emotion at all at a female body now. ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: You call yourself the doctor of thuganomics, whatever the hell that means. Personally boy, I still think it's you pretending to be something you're not just for the sake of some cheers.. But no reason to break into that now is there? The question I have for you is why the hell you think you're some doctor for? Hundreds of dead guys in one room such as this and you know why? Because the doctor just couldn't get the job done, the doctor wasn't able to save this stupid bitch's life. The doctor failed. The doctor simply didn't do his job today with this stiff, now did he? John, these things happen every single day, every single hour. The doctor can't save all lives and most of them do die sooner or later. Just the way life goes on? I think not... I think it's because of the doctor not being good at his own job. See boy, I don't believe in doctors, never did and never will. I take care of myself. Nobody watches over me, I watch over me, I'm my own care taker. That's why I'm not the one in the morgue. That's why this pathetic female down here is, and those guys over there are. That's why all those drawers are filled with other people and not me. Being a doctor, in my eyes, is nothing to be proud about. Because the fact of the matter is John, whenever there's a doctor around... People die. And John, you're a doctor. Who's going to die next, John? Who's going to be the next person to die under John Cena's care? Certainly not gonna be me..

[[ 'Taker walks to yet another table with a dead body on it but he doesn't even think about lifting the sheet. Instead Taker smirks evilly and looks to the left, at the camera. ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: Perhaps... You should think about that John. Maybe even change your profession before anything too bad happens. 'Cause I'll tell you this boy, I have no problem disrespecting the people who disrespect me back... And you're one of those kinds of people, John.

[[ 'Taker looks in front of him and in a very sick move, he kicks the table over with the dead body on it! Now that's disgusting... ]]

'Big Evil' The Undertaker: Now that 'poor' person didn't have a chance to respect me before he did the deed of dying. You my friend, John Cena, you're different. Because before I lay you to rest on Smackdown and send YOU for your last ride, son... You're going to be like all those opponents I destroyed years ago. I'm awaiting that moment John. I'm waiting for you to tell me you respect me... Oh and believe me John...


[[ The Undertaker lets out a sadistic laugh and then walks out of the camera's view. The lights then turn off and the camera turns off as well. ]]

[[ Fade to Black. ]]

[[ Static. ]]