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The camera comes back with Shane McMahon standing in the ring.

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: I just wanted to come out here and announce some late breaking news. Due to lack of commitment to the company, the nXw regrets to inform all of you that The Big Show has been fired! Now that I have that out of the way, there is now an opening on the card tonight. That open spot will be FILLED and filled by none other than this match .. THE --

Before Shane can even finish, the music of .. The Mexicools hit?! Out from behind the curtains come riding on their lawnmower, Juventud, Super Crazy and Psicosis.. The Mexicools. They ride down to the ring and then make their way into the ring where they grab a mic. The music cuts.

" DA JUICE " Juventud: EEEYYYY! SHANE'O... WHAT UP, HOMIE?! Nah don't answer gringo, DA JUICE will for ya! What's up is dis essay.... THE MEXICOOLS ARE HERE IN THE NXW!!!!

Super Crazy grabs the mic from Juventud and speaks.

" Mexicool " Super Crazy: That's right gringo, you heard right.. THE MEXICOOLS ARE HERE TO TAKE OVER THE NXW! .... BUT NOT TO CLEEEAN!

Psicosis grabs the mic.


" DA JUICE " Juventud: SHANE ... We're not here for cleaning like the otha' mexicans .. I MEAN MEXICOOLS told ya.. not to kick your ass ... but we want dat spot, essay!

Shane is quite, well .. confused, but answers.

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: Well, to be quite honest..... I have no clue what the hell any of you said, but I could make out that last part just fine. You want the spot.... It's yours! The match will be ... Two of the Mexicools.... Verses The Dudley Boys!


" Mexicool " Psicosis: NO NO NO DA JUICE .. 'TIS PERFECT MY HOMIE !

" DA JUICE " Juventud: How's it perfect man?! Wut'chu talkn' bout willis?!

" Mexicool " Super Crazy: Juice, Juice ... He means dis' DERE IS TWO MEXICOOLS ...... ONE BLACK ... AND ONE WHITE!!!

They all share an "ooooh" over the mic and then Juvi talks.

" DA JUICE " Juventud: I see, I see... My little mexicool is right! NOT ONLY DO WE GET THA PLEASURE .. OF BEATING A WHITE GRINGO, BUT WE'RE AFTER YOU TOO, BLACKIE!! And you kno' what gringos... it's gon' be me and Super Crazy doing the work tonight, we gon' defeat the Dudley Boys and you know why that is?! It's because ... We're not white ... We're not black ... We're not even Mexicans! WE'RE ...

They all move over to the mic.


The fans are booing currently, but then the pyro goes off... BOOOOOOOM! The Dudley's music hits afterwards! The fans are going crazy now and out walks Dvon and Bubba Dudley! They both have a microphone and begins to speak after the music cuts.

Bubba Dudley: Now you guys say you're not Mexicans... But listen here you racist bastards! After we're done, KICKING your guys asses .. THE ONLY THING YOU THREE WILL BE DOING IS CLEANING OUR WAY UP THE RAMP WAY!

Dvon Dudley: Oh my brother you are so right... But you .. MEXICANS .. Are in for a little surprise, because do the Dudley Boys have an offer for you!

Bubba Dudley: Me and my brother Dvon noticed that there are TWO of us .. and THREE of you out here right now .. A little uneven if you ask us, but then again we don't expect you Mexicans to know how to count! The only thing you guys can be counting on tonight is that there isn't just TWO Dudley Boys here tonight, tell them Dvon!

Dvon Dudley: We don't want no two on two tag match my brothas, oh no ... What we want all three of yous in the ring against all three of us!

The Mexicools are quite confused and begins to speak.

" DA JUICE " Juventud: EY ... DEE-VON .. We can count, look! dere's tree of us ... ONE .... TWO ..... hey wait, wat comes after two homies!?

 The Mexicools laugh and Bubba proceeds.



Bubba Dudley: BIG ... DICK .. DUDLEY!! !

The Dudleys music hits again and out walks Big Dick Dudley!! End scene here however you want...


The camera's come back to nXw programming after a commercial break right in Shane McMahon's office, but a wrestler is already standing infront of Shane's desk. Shane is sitting on his chair, leaning back and listening to the one, the only..... Carlito Caribbean Cool!

" King of Cool " Carlito: Carlito bets you're wonderin' ... What he is doing in your office. Well sit back... He'll tell you. Carlito is here in your office... Because Carlito has an offer.. you can't refuse...

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: Is that so, Carlito? Well go ahead, but make it fast. I don't have all day, as you already know.. I'm running a show here.

" King of Cool " Carlito: An' doing it well, Carlito might add. Let Carlito tell you something, Shane... Vince... he ain't cool. He's old... Carlito thinks he should just retire and hand the company to you.. to his son.. to the younger, brighter McMahon .. After all, you know talent. You know who's good .. and who's bad .. Who's better .... and who's .. who's  worse. Better yet, Shane... Carlito knows that you recognized ... Who's cool ... And das' me .. Carlito .. Caribbean.. Cool! 

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: You're right about a few things there Carlito, you are cool.. No doubt about that, it's even in your name. So why are you in here telling me what I already know?

" King of Cool " Carlito: Das' where Carlito was getting to... You know dat Carlito is the best wrestler in nXw! And you should know dat Carlito... Carlito should be nXw champion right now! Dat would be ... Cool. But Carlito knows you want to be fair ... So Carlito is offering you a chance .. To place him in the finals and get him closer to the world title being around his waist.. Around where it should be!

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: So you're telling me, Carlito ... That the only reason you came in here was to get closer to the World Title? To get through right through the finals, despite all the other hard working people on my roster? Am I correct?

" King of Cool " Carlito: Hard working? Nah das' not it .. Carlito is hard working, not those other idiots!

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: Just answer the question Carlito, it's plain and simple.. Yes or no?

" King of Cool " Carlito: Uh .. yes .. Of course yer' correct, yer always correct .. and das' .. DAS' CO--

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: THEN ... Carlito, since you think I'm such a fair owner the answer is .. NO! Because Carlito, it is NOT fair that I'd allow you through to the finals. You want to be World Champion.... You earn it. And that Carlito.... That's the cool way to do things.

" King of Cool " Carlito: .... Ah I see ... 'Den Carlito guesses.. there is one thing left to do...

Carlito grabs an apple out of his pocket... But just as he does, the camera turns a little bit to the left, to see someone standing behind Carlito... It's The Undertaker!! Carlito takes a bite out of the apple not knowing who is behind him. Undertaker clears his throat quite loudly which causes Carlito to turn around and his eyes widen up.

" American Badass " The Undertaker: Someone suddenly hungry here, Shane?

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: Looks like.

" American Badass " The Undertaker: Listen here, son... There's certain people in this world that chooses to spit... And there's another group of people that chooses to swallow..... So why don't you show the whole world just which side you're on?

Carlito looks pretty scared here, and he chooses the easy way.. He swallows the apple bits in his mouth, leaving The Undertaker laughing.

" American Badass " The Undertaker: Well, Well ... Looks like somebody here is a bitch ...

Carlito looks angry now and begins to talk, but Taker cuts him off.

" American Badass " The Undertaker: I wasn't finished, so shut your hole, boy. Now I was standing here during your little conversation with Shane.. And I can't say that I was impressed nor surprised. It's punks like you that always take those easy ways out. Thinking you can just take those easy turns right to the finals before guys like me, guys who have been kicking ass and taking names for over 12 years now, ain't' that right? Now correct me if I'm wrong, Carlito... But if Shane did grant your wish and sent you to the finals, you're going to have a locker room fill of guys like myself a little bit pissed off.

" King of Cool " Carlito: .. Uh ..

" American Badass " The Undertaker: Shut the hell up, punk... What I'm sensing here is disrespect. What makes you think you can go out there in MY yard and think you can win the world title dressed like that? This ain't no figure of speech, BOY ... You're gonna have to do a lot more than spit apples everywhere and making a mess like a little baby to win some gold around here, especially when the big dog is back in town... And that big dog... is me .. The American Badass. So what do you have to say about that? Was it cool enough for you, Carlito? Well, don't just stand there like an idiot, boy.... ANSWER ME!

The Undertaker stares down Carlito but walks out of the locker room angry and well, scared! The Undertaker laughs it off and looks to Shane.

" 50% Owner " Shane McMahon: Thanks for talking out the unwanted trash...

" American Badass " The Undertaker: Shane... The pleasure was all mine.

Shane grins and Taker walks out of the locker room, the camera cuts.