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The cameras switches to the backstage area where we see Jonathan Coachman standing with Edge.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " Ladies and Gentleman, it's my pleasure to be standing with one of the men participating in the street fight tonight.. A man facing the Cerebral Assassin Triple H.. A man that goes by the name .. Edge! "

Edge smirks and then blinks a few times. He looks to Jonathan like he's crazy and moves Coach's hand with the mic closer to his mouth.

Edge ' MONEY IN THE BANK ' " What was that, Jonathan? Did I hear you correctly or is my hearing a little bit off tonight? Because I could've sworn you called Triple H, the man who wasn't man enough to show his face ALL WEEK after finding out I was his opponent, The Cerebral Assassin? Tell me Jonathan, am I right or am I wrong? "

Jonathan hesitates.. He's scared he might've pushed Edge's buttons tonight and that's exactly what he doesn't want.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " That's uh... That's correct... "

Edge ' MONEY IN THE BANK ' " Thought so. Let me tell you something, Coach ... Triple H IS NOT .. I REPEAT .. IS NOT ... THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN ANYMORE! 1999 ... 2000 .. 2001, yes .. Triple H was the Cerebral Assassin. Triple H was The Game. Triple H was everything I didn't want to be apart of at that time. Breaking announcers arms, running people down, retiring people in Hell in a Cell matches .. Turning on his own best friend and shoving his face into a car window! That was classic Triple H. That was The Cerebral Assassin. Where has that Triple H been lately? Is he on vacation? No he's not ... Because we see Triple H every week for 20 minutes talking about God knows what. Every week. Sure, that's classic Triple H, right? "

Jonathan is quite surprised by Edge's remarks and he nods his head. Edge grins and shakes his head.

Edge ' MONEY IN THE BANK ' " Thought you'd say that, Jonathan. Well, you're right. It is classic Triple H. But you know what the difference is? The difference is this... The old Triple H would talk for 20 minutes and then end somebody's career. This new Triple H, dressed in his fancy suits with his faded thin, long hair .. This new guy just can't cut it. Especially with a guy like me. Coach, I'm going to prove that tonight when I have my own 20 minutes with him. I'm going to prove to all of you people that think I will fail against the almighty "GAME" and I will prove to you all that I will defeat the so called BEST in the Business. Just what makes me think I can do that? Because it goes a little something like this... I'M THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS NOW! I'm going to END Careers .. I'm going to TURN ON MY BEST FRIENDS .. I'm going to RUN DOWN PEOPLE FOR TITLE SHOTS! Damn it, I will do it all and more to get to the top .... And Jonathan, you know what you can do? ... BANK ON IT!! "

Edge is fuming with anger as he walks off. Jonathan finally looks like he isn't scared anymore... But Edge walks back. He's smiling that evil smile of his and he takes the mic from Coach.

Edge ' MONEY IN THE BANK ' " ... Triple H ... I'll see you later tonight. "

The camera fades back to the ring..



The camera turns on and we're standing with The Coach. He doesn't seem very pleased at all.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " It's with my ... 'pleasure' that I'm standing with the one, the only... Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

The camera pans some to the left and we see HBK standing along side with Coach, big smirk upon his face since he knows Coach doesn't like him.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " Shawn, tonight you're facing one on one .. The Animal, The Monster, The Man known as The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar! Oh and let me add, he's going to be your toughest opponent to date. "

Coach grins. HBK smirks, not giving a damn at all what Coach thinks of him.

Shawn Michaels ' THE HEART BREAK KID ' " Coach, Coach, Coach... Let me just tell ya, buddy of mine, it's great to see you back doing what you love to do! Interviewing the likes of the greatest wrestlers on earth such as myself and getting paid so little to do so! But anyway, this is an interview and you don't have to state facts that good ol' HBK already knows. He knew last week he was fighting Brock Lesnar, he knew last night, heck .. Call the old man crazy, I even knew it 20 minutes ago. So please, buddy.. Tell a man something he doesn't know! Or maybe you should just stick to your job and ask questions. "

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " Alright, Shawn .. You want a question? Here's a question ... How is it going to feel when Brock Lesnar beats you in the ring 1, 2, 3? "

Shawn Michaels ' THE HEART BREAK KID ' " Whenever that day gets here, Jonathan, I'll be sure to answer. But as far as tonight is concerned, me and Brock .. One on One .. HBK isn't going out there to dance, he understands Brock is a very large individual with a goal on his mind. That goal is to end me. But you see, that goal won't happen, Coach. We all know whenever Brock sets his mind on a specific goal it doesn't always go as planned, and that's not HBK throwing the ol' football at'cha! That's a plain and simple cold hard fact. "

Jonathan smirks and tries harder to get onto HBK's nerves.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " We all know Shawn that Brock didn't get into the NFL because he chose not to! But onto other things... Brock says you'll be experiencing HEART FAILURE .. And to be quite honest Shawn, I agree! "

Shawn Michaels ' THE HEART BREAK KID ' " Of course you'd agree, because your lips are always on where the sun doesn't shine, aren't they Coach? That's another one of those cold hard facts for 'ya .. MOVING ON .. Brock Lesnar wants The Heart Break Kid to experience Heart Failure .. Well it takes a lot more than an F5 to take out The Showstoppa! Tonight, it won't be me experiencing anything else but yet another win on my record book .. Brock, however... Is going to be experiencing a heck of a lot after I'm done with him. You know why? Coach? Because I'll be dancing all over his face! That's right .. Brock, you better be in the mood for a little .. SWEET .. CHIN .. MUSIC! "

HBK takes another look at Coach before he walks off.. Jonathan is clearly angry.

Jonathan Coachman ' THE COACH ' " .. My lips aren't always where the sun doesn't shine .. "

Scene fades out. Use whatever you want, cut anything, add anything, do whatever I don't mind, lol.